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Tantric massage - as part of lovemaking

Tantra - the doctrine pertaining to yoga, which in turn promotes human sexuality. Tantra can be called the method helps to express love for each other.


The idea of tantra is to ensure that the body - is one big erogenous zone. This pays great attention to human sexuality, and to some degree deified sex. But this does not mean that the whole point of tantric massage is reduced to sexual activity, it is most likely a part of love games aimed at a compound of energies of yin and yang. Proponents of the teaching Tantra says that the most erogenous zone is not in the abdomen, and in the depths of the soul and the heart. Only love each other partners, the degree of confidence which in relation to each other allows for a special treat to the body of his God or Goddess and touch these places in a standard massage are taboo. By the erogenous zones are the feet, ears, shells, the perineum, female breast, prostate in men. It is worth noting that, according to the tantric teachings, it is important not to touch any part of the body, and how to do it. Only then will happen the exchange of energy and love.

Tantric massage

It opens up a whole cascade of new sensations. Light and sensual touch to every centimeter of skin excite the whole palette of sexual gratification. Massage helps to harmonize the mood couples, allows partners to know each other better. The most microcosmic areas are hands and feet. The latter are particularly in need of a massage as the entire day chained in footwear and are not in contact with nature (earth, water, sand). The muscles of the body with this relaxing massage, body, shrouded in foreplay, is a leisurely anticipation of orgasm. The interaction of two energies going on at a higher level, exacerbated feelings, and there is an awakening of the erotic potential of the organism.Erotic massage a suspension from negative thoughts and worries, to a quiet, leisurely holiday, but at the same time the body is filled with sensual energy and dip into luxury enjoyment. Slow motion during the massage, turning into more intense, teasing, that's what makes it so exciting tantric massage. In the mind wander sexual fantasies that are more and more glow body, bringing it up to a maximum erotic charge, and how the final explosive release of energy takes place.


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